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THIS is how you do grammar-nerdery, instead of policing people’s grammatical errors

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Last night, I had a dream.

In this particular dream,
I died in my dreams,
then awoke not knowing
I was still sleeping.
I decided to walk.
You see, that night
I walked in my sleep.
I slept in my walk.
I walked backwards until
I saw you for the first time
and I could barely muster the courage
to introduce myself all over again.

I’ve been trying to find the right words.

I’ve been trying to take the right steps
for what seems to me like
thousands of years
but something always seems
to go wrong between us.

We lived in Egypt.
I was the Pharaoh’s slave.
You were his daughter, and
loving you led to my death.
They claimed I seduced you.

After they stole my life,
I was resurrected as a mason.
I made the foundation for your house.
We met eyes for two seconds.
You left and I didn’t see you again until I died.

I came back as a caterpillar,
I turned into a butterfly.
I landed in the palm of your hand,
you brushed me away,
and the rejection killed me.

When I awoke, I was a kick drum.
You were a snare.
We were both owned by
this drummer named Cozy Cole
and when he died, so did we.

But I came back just to look for you.
I left notes in random places
hoping that you would
stumble across them.
I carved our names in trees
and then prayed that
it would jog your memory.
I whispered your name
in the wind hoping somehow,
maybe some way,
my voice would reach you
but it didn’t and I died.

I died early.
I died young with bread crumbs
in my hand just hoping
that you would find me
but you never did.

So they buried me,
and when they buried me,
they put these coins over my eyes
and I used them as bus fare
to get back to Earth
just so I could look for you.

That’s why sometimes when we hold hands, every so often, I tend to hold on a little too tight.

And I’m sorry.

I just don’t want to lose you again.

- "Again" - Rudy Francisco (via fuckyeahrudyfrancisco)


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